SUP2PER system is a vital part of the next generation on-line medical devices and secure systems for safe exchange of personal data over differing security levels. Solution enables better protection against unauthorised use of personal data, breach of confidentiality and cybercrime.

     The healthcare industry suffered its worst year to date for data breaches in 2015. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights, which tracks healthcare breaches that affect 500 or more individuals, reported that 255 breaches occurred between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. Combined, a staggering 112 million records in US were impacted. Healthcare data continues to be extremely valuable to cybercriminals. It also includes valuable information like social security numbers that can be used for identity theft and fraud


How does SUP2PER work

User (U1) is a doctor, which is registered in the SUP2PER system by using professional medical identification card inserted in a card reader (already used in medical systems). User (U2) is a patient, with a unique medical identification number indicated in the health card and registered in the SUP2PER system by typing the number in the SUP2PER client installed on smartphone. Both users are identified by their unique numbers and SUP2PER system authorises their log-in. An authorised request from user U2 is then sent to a SUP2PER system that medical data are to be transferred to a secure medical system of user U1 in the medical record of user U2. Finally, a direct data tunnel is established and the user U2 can send data, encrypted by SUP2PER solution, to user U1. After the data has been exchanged, the direct tunnel is terminated and the connection is closed.