Bring innovative ideas to life and shape them in t ovalue for our customers. We offer them our knowledge, our skills and creativity. The company has a headquarter in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    ASCALAB is working on local and international projects with high level of success. Our world class expertise, services and technology, help vendors to execute their road map and critical /time-to-market R&D projects.

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    Our expertise is drawn from significant expertise in industry (Data Storage Management, Telco, Health, and Insurance), technology (storage, web, ITSM tools, communication, andvirtualization) and platforms ranging from Windows to Linux, Solaris, MacOSX, and HP-UX. Project Managers and Senior Software Engineers with more than ten years of experience on various projects in Europe and USA. We offer highest standards of business, project management and software engineering processes.

Software Research and Development with solution support

    New product development

    enhancement  support

    and testing

Development for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, …)

Cloud Services Development

Quality Assurance services