SUP2PER is a modular system for exchanging data from different sources, i.e. Navision, SAP, documentation system, file share, with simple sharing approval workflow.

  • check The novelty of SUP2PER solution is in
    its basic technology – direct tunnel

  • check SUP2PER contains two additional

  • check The disruptive point of SUP2PER is
    a solution for Symmetric NAT

SUP2PER solves the problem of sharing documents outside the organization and offers a secure and controlled transfer of documents

“The results of our work contribute significantly to the fact that the electronic functioning of the health system should have secure sharing of personal and confidential medical information without using the intermediate servers or data storage in the cloud” – Ascalab

The basic technology of our solution is Sup2peR direct tunnel, which will open a new area in communication technology




Secure data transfer

Direct, fast and secure data transfer encrypted communication / data transfer

Avoid relaying in data transfer to reduce the cost of system resources

Real time communication (low latency)

Supporting the development of European legal and operational standards for cross-border data exchange and privacy protection

Reduce the risk from malicious attacks during data transfer